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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Out Of The Miry Clay by Telika Howard

An inspirational work of young adult urban fiction, this 27,983 word manuscript depicts the journey of a female protagonist whose pursuit of success leads her uncover things about herself and her ability to lean on God in times of need.The novel's protagonist is a girl living in the inner-city, with the aspirations of becoming a singer. Soon, after a small break comes her way, a stranger helps her to become closer to God and many tragic things begin to happen in her life. In addition, a nagging melody begins in her head that she tries to ignore, but is always there. After the girl fails at trying to get her album together, she finds words to this melody that directly contradict the ultra sexy, ultra violent lyrics she is required to sing. Ultimately, she realizes that this is the true calling that God has on her life and it not only changes her in significant ways but changes others in her life as well.

I havn't gotten the chance to read this one yet BUT you guys should totally check it out! It sounds like a very good book and as soon as it comes out to the bookstores I'll probably go out and buy it. It came out on Amazon so PLEASE check it out!

Tell me what you guys think of this one!