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Monday, September 6, 2010

Ruined by Paula Morris

Rebecca couldn't feel more out of place in New Orleans, where she comes to spend the year while her dad is traveling. She's staying in a creepy old house with her aunt. And at the snooty prep school, the filthy-rich girls treat Rebecca like she's invisible. Only gorgeous, unavailable Anton Grey seems to give Rebecca the time of day, but she wonders if he's got a hidden agenda. Then one night, in Lafayette Cemetery, Rebecca makes a friend. Sweet, mysterious Lisette is eager to talk to Rebecca, and to show her the nooks and crannies of the city. There's just one catch: Lisette is a ghost. A ghost with a deep, dark secret, and a serious score to settle. As Rebecca learns more from her ghost friend -- and as she slowly learns to trust Anton Grey -- she also uncovers startling truths about her own history. Will Rebecca be able to right the wrongs of the past, or has everything been ruined beyond repair?

I won this book in a contest LAST summer, and it took me until yesterday to start reading it again. I actually did start reading it when it came in the mail, but by then school was starting and I was too busy to keep reading. I only read like 2 chapters last year so I didn't get hooked. It started out kind of slow, except for the prologue! It kept me thinking. Anyways, I was really bored at home and decided to finish it. I started reading it all over again. Now this is what I thought:

Rebecca is a really mature and smart girl. She's a person who doesn't care what other people think of her. She is very brave, and honest. She's not afraid to argue her point. I wish I could be more like her. Anton is very mysterious. He's secretive but trustworthy. He did everything to protect Rebecca. There wasn't really any romance but the mystery in the book made up for that. Rebecca comes into New Orleans a nobody. No one likes her but Anton. Rebecca's only friends are Anton and Lisette. Lisette is the beautiful ghost girl. She has a lot to say. But Lisette could only talk to certain people. And Rebecca is the only one who sticks around and talks back to Lisette. I did enjoy all the characters in this book. Lisette was my favorite. She was also mysterious but not secretive. She pretty much told Rebecca everything she wanted to know.

The book was very predictable. I knew who Rebecca and her family was. I knew the ending was not going to happen the way they planned and I knew who was going to die. But I really liked reading this book. There were some other things that happened that was not as predictable. And it didn't catch my attention right away but I did eventually get hooked. I loved the mystery on Lisette and Rebecca. It was fun trying to figure it all out!
I'm rating this book a...

because it was an awesome mystery
But very predictable
I liked the characters
It was kind of slow in the beginning
But all in all, I really liked it

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Alright! Its time to announce the Winner of BOTH books written by Maureen Johnson!! Girl at Sea and 13 Little Blue Envelopes.

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Congratulations Tina!!

I will email you shortly, and I'm giving you 48 hours to respond.

Thank you EVERYONE who's entered :) I will have more giveaways coming! So stay tuned

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last day for Giveaway!

Hey guys :) Today is the LAST day to enter my Giveaway! If you haven't yet, then click on the link below!:

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