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Thursday, August 27, 2009

One Scream Away by Katy Brady

One Step Away
Seven years ago Beth Denision was attacked by a killer named Chevy Banks. Since then, she created a new life for herself and her daughter,one far removed from the night that ended in an awful tragedy. But now Bankes is out of prison. And his chilling phone calls tell Beth he's coming for her.

One Breath Away
Ex-FBI agent Neil Sheridan is driven to investigate a chain of murders eerily similar to disturbing any case from his past. When the killers trail dead ends at Beth's door step, Neil finds a beautiful women with a secret she'll do anything to keep. Yet even as Beth surrenders to Neils protection-and then his embrace-she'll still refuse to tell him why Bankes hungers to hear her scream, and why she'll soon consider doing the unthinkable: face Bankes alone.

My Thoughts: (A little Random)

Wow. I'm starting to really like these kind of books! It has a chilling suspense that grabs you and won't let you go. Its just another one of those that you can't put down! It wasn't as good as I Can See You by Karen Rose but it was still really good. I'm glad I won this book in a contest. I thought Beth was really brave throughout the whole book. She did everything to keep her daughter safe! I would have done the same thing. I'm SUPER protective especially with my sister. Anyways, Beth was short and really protective so she reminded me of me. I'm a short person (5 feet tall EXACTLY), Ok so Neil was nice enough to care for Beth and try hard to protect her (Don't you wish you had a guy like that!). He did just about anything to make sure she never went threw the pain she did years before. He didn't want her to be scared anymore either. I'm giving this book an...

Because it was scary
It was sexy
It was pulse pounding
and definitely romantic!

If you have read this book PLEASE tell me your opinion!
Bad or Good