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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BFF Blogger :)

My Best Friend EVER (who's name is Jenna) has a blog and you guys should check it out. She makes like the BEST reviews EVER! I love them :) She's a great writer and she LOVES books! She's been blogging since March and she's great. Did I mention she's a great writer???
*She's the one on the left*
*I'm obviously the one on the right*
(Doesn't she look cool with those glasses???) She posts about the best books and, well you know, she's a GREAT WRITER! Her blog is
A Read in the Life
Her blog is AWESOME! So please check her out :p
Oh yeah, if you follow her, you get an extra entry in all my Giveaways!

Thanks Guys :)


Kate said...

That is so sweet of you to do a shot out for your BFF. I was already a follower of hers. She has a great blog.

BookFanatic said...

What is the link to her blog?

BookFanatic said...

Ohhh! I saw the link.