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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

AMAZING New Blogger :D

Hey guys! My mom works with a guy who has a daughter named Melissa, who loves books :) Her nickname is Missie! Lol and I decided to make simple directions on how to make a blog. I also gave her my email and she emailed me and I helped her some more with creating a blog. NOW she has an amazing blog! She will start posting awesome reviews! She told me she used to write a review for a book when she finished reading which I thought was pretty COOL! She's an awesome person to talk to and I'm glad I helped her out :) Her blog is Book Crazed Chica
Missie is a great person! Her blog is WAY better than mine when I started!
Please check her blog out!

Thanks Guys :D


Kara said...

That's cool that you helped her out. I wish I had someone helping me lol

Kate said...

That is great of you to promote a new blogger. I tried to leave her a comment welcoming her, but her comments are working. I looked to see if I could email her, but could not find her email address. So could you please pass along this information to her.

Missie :) said...

Hey guys! I am the girl, Missie, that Liz was talking about. She showed me how to fix that problem with the comments so it should be working now! lol :)
my email is
Thanks Liz!

Lea said...

That's so sweet to help a friend out! I checked out Missie's blog, and I can't wait to see what she does with it!