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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Rules Of Survival By Nancy Werlin

For Matt and his sisters,life with their cruel, vicious mother is a day-to-day struggle for survival. But then Matt witnesses Murdoch coming to a child's rescue in a convenience store, and for the first time, he feels a glimmer of hope. When, amazingly, Murdoch begins dating Matt's mother, life is suddenly almost good. But the relief lasts only a short time. When Murdoch inevitably breaks up with their mother, Matt knows he needs to take action. But can he call upon his hero? Or will he have to take measures into his own hands? A heart-wrenching portrait of a family in crisis, this is Nancy Werlin's most compulsively readable novel yet.
My Thoughts:
Let me just say that I am a very emotional person. And this book was very sad. Usually, when your reading a book, you don't want to feel mad and sad. Thats exactly how I felt when I read this book. But it was not that bad. I was mad at the mother for what she did and just the way she treated her children. And I felt so sad for the kids, the way they survived living with their vicious mother. And what they had to put up with her. The whole book is basically a letter from the main character to his little sister telling her what they went threw. She was very little and wouldn't remeber anything. Its just really sad. I know there are worse books out there. I would recommend this to you guys.
I'm gonna give this book a...
Why you ask
because it was easy to read
Had a lot of emotion in it which is always good
and it was one of those books that you don't
really want to put down because you want to
know whats going to happen next
but it wasn't the best
Please tell me what you thought of the book


Jenna said...

Yo Liz! I want to read this one sometime. I like books that are sad :P

Taschima Cullen said...

Hmm the concept sounds interesting, the whole letter to his little sister thing. Out of the box, but I probably wont read it cause its too real xD